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About Us

Our company, Med-X, Inc. is a leader in green technology. We develop and sell products that solve people's everyday problems like pain relief and pest control without using dangerous synthetic chemicals. Our other safe product lines include Nature-Cide and Thermal-Aid. Both lines have national distribution.

The Malibu Brands Pacific Pain Relief cream is our newest brand and product offering. We feel strongly that the only way to make a change and combat tough issues like the opiate crisis in this country is to offer products and solutions to people that work. If people do not have alternatives, how can we expect change? We know that people want to have clean, safe options to promote a healthy lifestyle. This product offers people temporary relief for chronic and everyday pain without synthetic chemicals.

With support from our thousands of investors from StartEngine, our company has been able to develop and go to market with some incredible natural products. One of our most successful products is our Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System.

This product was proven effective and developed by one of our board members, Dr. Morton Hyson, a board-certified neurologist from Las Vegas. The Thermal-Aid product is used by thousands of headache sufferers all over the country.

These questions from our community lead us to explore this opportunity and after two years of development, the Formulation for the Malibu Brands Pacific Pain Relief Cream became a reality.