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Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz
Pacific Pain Relief 1oz

Pacific Pain Relief Cream

Bryonia 6x, Rhus Toxicodendron 6x - 1 Ounce Cream


Pacific Pain Relief Cream brings you the dual-engine power of potent clinically tested pain relief and all-natural ingredients to help you support workout recovery and ease everyday soreness. Whether it’s a tough workout or a tough day at the office, Pacific Pain Relief Cream offers relief right where you need it most. This light, non-greasy formula is packed with soothing plant based ingredients and aloe vera juice, while the active ingredients provide temporary relief from pain. Choose from our two different sizes of no-mess, easy massage in cream!

  • Made with plant-based, all-natural ingredients. 
  • Bryonia & Rhus Toxicodendron to ease discomfort
  • Infused with Aloe Vera juice to soothe skin
  • Available in two sizes
  • Delivered in a non-greasy, absorbable cream

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Plant-Based Ingredients

Doctor Developed

Safe & Effective

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We here at Malibu Brands are always looking for ways to combine proven scientific treatments with our cutting-edge botanical ingredients. We’ve performed studies and conducted research to find the most beneficial, safe, and effective plant-based ingredients for maximum pain relief.

We’ve also brought our expertise in pain relief products to this non-greasy, easy to massage in pain relief cream. 

Temporary Pain Relief

Our active ingredients temporarily relieve pain. Try it for sore muscles, a strained back, a tweaked knee, and more!

Everyday Stress Management

If you’re dealing with daily stresses from work, school, family, and the rest of it, the last thing you need to worry about is pain from all the muscle tension. Let Pacific Pain Relief Cream be part of your stress management routine so you can keep calm and carry on.

Enhance Exercise Recovery

Pacific Pain Relief Cream can help with muscle soreness recovery, supporting the body’s wellness and balance. Our all natural ingredients bring that extra boost of temporary pain relief for a full package of benefits for pro athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Support Daily Wellness Routine

If you’ve got a wellness routine that involves activity, from a quick walk around the block to training for a marathon, there’s always the risk that some cramp or twinge is going to slow you down. Using Pacific Pain Relief Cream can help keep you on track and in shape!


Jake T. - Verified Buyer

"Relieves Me So I Can Sleep"

"I use this every night on my lower back and upper neck. I'm in constant pain but this relieves me so I can sleep.Good stuff. Malibu Brands is a good company and growing."

Liz P. - Verified Buyer

"This Is Almost Unbelievable"

"We've tried prescription topical relief pads but they never worked. This is almost unbelievable that it did work but I am THRILLED that he finally has no pain when he uses this product. Liked it so much I am sending to my aunt as well for her pain. Hoping it helps her as much."

Paul P. Verified Buyer

"Fastest Joint Relief"

"This product is amazing! Provides relief for aching joints faster than any other product."

Micha Verified Buyer

"Cannot live without it!"

"I cannot live without Malibu Brands Pacific Pain Relief Cream. It is perfect for relieving my muscles aches after a long workout or a day sitting at the computer.

Lori H. Verified Buyer

"Was taking OTC medication every day"

I found that I was taking OTC medication everyday after work for headaches and knee pain from sitting at a computer all day. I was tired of taking medications so I wanted to find something that was natural and organic but also science backed.... I came across Pacific Pain Relief.... it hit all the checkboxes for me.... this product has worked amazing for me!" 

Brittany B. Verified Buyer

"On my feet all day"

I work in a hospital where I am on my feet all day every day! The muscle pain and joint pain gets to be so much sometimes and the only relief I get is with Pacific Pain Relief Cream. I am so happy I found this cream. I apply it and it works deep into my muscles to help relieve my discomfort. I use it on my knees, my hands, and my neck it's so amazing! And my favorite thing is that it does it all naturally, all natural plant based ingredients....It has helped me so much! I use it everyday!"

Deanna F. Verified Buyer

"It's Been Life Changing For Me"

"I usually don't use pain relief creams because they stink they just kind of lay on your skin and they really just don't work. And I thought why would this pacific pain relief cream work when no others did. I often suffer from headaches, migraines, but i do have pains in my hands. What I do is take a little bit, put it on my hands, rub it in.... i melts right into your skin... no more pain, fast relief, no bad smell, penetrates through your skin. This Malibu Brands Pacific Pain Relief Cream has been life changing for me!"