At the Age of 49, I Relieved Myself from Chronic Backpain & Regained my Confidence!

Hello, dear friends! If you are reading this, chances are, you probably suffer from chronic back pain like I once did… Well, I’ve got some good news for you! You don’t have to be in constant fear of back pain keeping you away from living your life freely. Because I am about to tell you, step-by-step, what exactly I did to save myself from the vicious claws of chronic back pain and start living life in my own terms, completely pain-free!

Now, I might be the all-time most ordinary man that you could pick out crossing the street. I’m average weight, average height. I’ve got a standard physique, not too muscular, not too skinny. I am a happily married man and father of two beautiful daughters. And I make about $79,000 a year sitting on my desk typing keys while making a few calls here and there. So, yeah, I also have an average, boring desk job. And at that time, I didn’t know that this desk job that was making me a living for more than 23 years would cause me to break my chains and lead me on a path to become someone who is living the best time of his life!

It all started eight months ago…

It was a day like any other, I was killing some time at work, taking a coffee break.After a while later, I sat in front of my computer once again and got down to work.My favorite show was on tv that evening, so I just wanted to go home as soon as I got out of work.

But I was swamped with all the extra work my boss pushed down my throat in the morning.
I decided that I could just work non-stop until I finish them all and leave exactly around 6pm.
The show was going to start at 7pm and my house was a 40-minute ride from the office. If we include the traffic, yeah, I could make it there just in time.

So, I started rushing through the files and getting as much work as possible without even taking a lunch break.

After 7 hours of me working non-stop, I was finally done with the work. Only 10 minutes later than I originally anticipated… It was no problem though; I could still make it in time.

Saved the document.Shut the computer down.OK, I was ready. So, I immediately jumped out the chair and…


I’m not exaggerating, that’s the exact transcription of what I heard…Never in my life had I felt pain in my back as intense as I felt at that moment!

My face was directed towards the wall in front of me, my back was half-bent forward.You could see how tense I was, looking at my fists; and the agony I felt, looking at my face…My friends turned their heads towards me, looking half surprised half shocked for a brief second, then rushed near me to give me a hand.I couldn’t sit.I couldn’t move.I just stood there bent over in agony for 7 minutes straight as they called an ambulance.

Doctors said that I now had to live by some rules regarding how and how much I could move…

I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavy,
I wasn’t allowed to play any supports,
I wasn’t allowed to do any sudden movements…

So, I was basically dead before being buried... It sucked

Then, they prescribed me some medicine and sent me home…

I was still in denial of the situation.
After I got home, it didn’t even feel like I was at the hospital just half an hour ago…

But I missed my God damn show!
I also took some time off from work due to the injury, so that was kind of nice…

I just stayed at home, mostly laying on my while back watching tv.
And I took the medication that the doctor prescribed.

A week passed by, and I was finally ready to leave home,
 ready to live through my first day at work,
but only as a hostage of backpain…


I went there,
sat on my desk,
got some work done…

And it was like any other day of work.
But only towards the evening my back would get tired from sitting in front of the computer,
a lot more than usual.
But it wasn’t something unexpected.
I was hurt badly.
So, I just rolled with it.
Stood up for a couple minutes, every once in a while.

A few days went by like this.

One evening, it was time for me to leave work again.

I was done with all the work and preparing to go home.

Saved the documents.

Shut the computer down.

OK, I was ready.

“Oops.” Dropped my pen.
I reached down.


Again, I am NOT exaggerating.That’s the exact noise that came from my back.

My face was directed at the floor,
my back was fully bent forward,
and a single drop of tear slowly flew towards my chin…

My friends rushed for help.
And I found myself in the hospital again.

This time it was serious, I could see it on the doctor’s face.
He said that if I don’t stop acting irresponsible, I could get myself into a ton of trouble!

I was scared a little bit.

Again, they prescribed me some medicine and sent me home.

My wife was mad at me this time.
Yeah, for having backpain…
She said I shouldn’t act this way anymore and that I was almost 50 now.

“Wait, what? What does that have to with anything?”

Then we got into a fight.
And she said I was getting OLDER…
Can you believe that?

Old? How am I old? 

People live up to be a hundred.
I still have the remaining half of my life to live!
I just couldn’t take that.
Something inside me started burning.
And fuel of some sort.
So, I used that fuel to slam the door and leave the house.

Bad decisions… Very bad decisions…

But at least I was going my way.

I might've not had a healthy back.

But at least I had some backbone.

So, I just started staying in a motel.

My wife got worried of course. She even said the kids were freaking out while we were talking on the phone.
Then, I almost gave up and was ready to come back home.

But the moment she said she was worried that I have might hurt myself here while I was alone…

I wasn’t coming home for a while, that was for sure…

A week later, I had to start working again.
I entered the office, and everybody had that look on their face.
Like they pitied me.

 “Good to see you back,”

they said with a sorry tone.

And I HATED that.

I wasn’t old yet.
I just had a minor health problem that I had to do something about…

While I was working that day, I felt an intense discomfort while sitting in the chair.
And every time I got up and started stretching, I realized people would peek at me…

Once I was out, back at my motel room, I immediately started searching for an answer.

“What can I do to relieve back pain?”

There were lots of results showing up.
I knew that most of them probably wouldn’t work, but I had to try anyways…

So, I started taking the supplements that I read about online.
And I started following this 4-week back training program…

But as the days passed, my back pain didn’t stop.
And I was keep catching people staring at me…

I was sick and tired of this. So, I started making some calls.
I was in search of an expert who could give me the right answer.
I started taking some weird medicines that some alternative medicine gurus gave me.
None of it worked of course…

In fact, some of them made it even worse.
I applied this one mixture on my back.
A day later my skinned had rash. I had an allergic reaction to it.
On top of that, it made me SMELL TERRIBLE!
But this creepy guru said that the redness on meant that it was healing.
And the smell meant that it was from mother nature…

That was nonsense!

I was so worried that I might be in need of something risky,
like a surgery, to stop the pain…

The pain was constantly getting more and more terrible with each day.
A couple doctors that I went to actually said that I might need to go through an operation to treat my back!

Meanwhile I was continuing work.
And everybody there continued to give me that look.
But I couldn’t just act like I was fine.
The pain was so intense,

I was about to get an appointment for surgery…

But then one day, my bossed came to my cubicle.
He asked about my back and how I was doing…

Then he said, “let’s have a little chat in my office…”

Oh, man, I knew what this was about…

He said, “I can imagine what you must be going through right now…
And I know you want to continue your work here, BUT…”

“Oh, hell no… 

Am I being fired right now?”

He continued, “I need you to take a couple of days off and meet this doctor,”
as he handed me his card…

I was so relieved!

He added, “He is an old friend of mine who owes me a favor. He helped my brother with his back pain before so I sure he can relieve you from this pain as well. You are an important asset to our firm, and we would like to see you back here soon, healthier than ever.”YES! It was the BEST of course.And I still had my job!So, I went got an appointment from Dr. Morton Hyson…

The day arrived and I went to his clinic…

The nurse at the reception greeted me and showed me the waiting room.
I was scared that he would say I need surgery…

After an hour, my name was announced, and I was asked to come inside.

Dr. Hyson ran some tests…

Then he asked me about all my previous experiences and how it all started.
He looked at me once again and wrote some stuff on that piece of paper in front of him.
He said my back was fine and it didn’t need surgery or any heavy medicines.
He said it just lacked to receive the "proper treatment"

After that he said, “here is a pain relief cream that I’ve been developing for the last 7 years.”

“Since you are working for Mr. Benson, you can take it home and start using it when you feel the pain again. All I’m asking in return is for you to come back here a week later and tell me what you experienced.”

I was like “Sure, of course.”

I mean like, who can say no to free pain relief cream from a doctor?
But as I was about to leave, I said, “About a week ago, I tried on this cream from this other doctor. I had a terrible allergic reaction to it. It wouldn’t happen with this one, right?”

So, he started explaining me the ingredients inside it and how it was all natural and gook for both skin and pain.

He said that the formula was mostly based on 4 natural ingredients that cooperate with each other to relieve the pain!

1. Coconut Oil: A miracle of nature that helps reduce inflammation and relieves pain!
2. Rhus Toxicodendron: Commonly used to reduce back pain and arthritis symptoms!
3. Bryonia: Has anti-inflammatory effects and helps relieve areal pain!
4. Aloe Barbadensis: Eases the overworked muscles and relieves tension!

Dr. Hyson said that by relieving the tension first, this cream allowed the muscles to be more receptive towards other pain-relieving ingredients in it.

It made sense to me, so I had my hopes up.I went home and applied the cream.I wanted to let it rest there by itself for a bit, so I started watching tv.

Only ten minutes later, the pain was almost gone!
Another half an hour past, I was now feeling completely normal and healthy.

The next day, I applied it before going to work.
It didn’t stink like all those other creams that I used.
In fact, it was odorless!
It lasted for countless hours.
I wanted to renew it towards the evening, just in case.

My boss passed by my desk,
gave me a wink,
and said, “looking good, John!”

Oh, man, that felt good! I was finally ready to go back home…

I called my wife and told her everything.
She was mad at me at first but she as so happy that I was relieved from the pain,
she asked me to come home!

After I arrived, she checked the cream out and was very happy to see use it when she felt any tension, stress, or pain as well.
A week later I told Dr. Hyson how much of an amazing cream that it was!

It didn’t have any odor!
It relieved my backpain instantly!
It never failed to work; it was consistent!
And it relaxed my back from the tension!

So, that was it…

But after a month, me and my wife didn’t have any cream left!
I wanted to get an appointment for more of it, but the number was out of service!

So, I went to see my boss and asked him about Dr. Hyson.
He said that Dr. Hyson finally had the formula ready for public use.

It was called the Pacific Pain Relief Cream.

We already almost lost it once, and we were anxious about losing it again…

So, we immediately ordered 4 packs for each.
Now I have all the pain relief cream I need in for a long time!
If you are suffering from chronic pain, there is no better option than Pacific Pain Relief Cream.I suggest that you do yourself a favor and get yourself one right now!P.S. As I was writing this letter, I just realized that Malibu Products had a HUGE discount on Pacific Pain Relief Cream RIGHT NOW! Go catch it when you still got time!


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